about me

Heya! I am 19-year old creative based in Manchester, UK, going by the online alias of Mewp. I specialise in illustration, painting, textiles, photography, fashion design and digital arts. I have higher education in fine arts and design up to A-Level, having withdrawn from university this year to pursue my own creative endeavours.

I would be described as an outcast for lack of a better word. I have always been different in some way or another and have learnt to challenge the status quo. I am a huge fan of music (my favourite genres being shoegaze, grunge, riotgrrrl etc) as well as loving anime, anthropomorphic animals, fashion, old web design/culture, online aesthetica and collecting cute things.

I like to create pieces inspired by the things I love and fear. I incorporate a lot of pink, feminine and cutesy elements, twisting them with my experiences of mental illness, inner thoughts and trauma. I love combining cuteness with sickening morbidity, I find it extremely cathartic. I am not gonna sit around pretending everything is okay.

If you like my work feel free to share this site and please consider following me on my other platforms linked on my contact & links page found in the navbar above. Reject normality, fuck the rich and thanks for reading <3